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Whether you need a new product, a redesign, or an upgrade to your existing software, we are here to help. At Smart Mobile Solutions, we listen to your needs to create and implement custom solutions to streamline your business operations.  

Industries We Serve
We create and deliver software products, systems, services, and solutions within the medical space to solve a myriad of needs, namely TELEHEALTH, CRM and Patient & Inventory Management.
Media Marketing
Our solutions help our clients engage and connect with their customer base, allowing them to manage their social media presence across multiple accounts. Our software facilitates scheduled content posting and sharing, while allowing you to directly engage prospective & current customers, and resolve issues in real time.
Integration and efficiency are the hallmarks of our Communication Software. We understand that an investment in workplace and workforce technology is a significant one for most organisations and therefore needs to work well and intuitively. All systems need to communicate with each other seamlessly to help teams perform their tasks, and our software facilitates this.
Industries We Serve
Banking & Finance
We provide our clients with highly specific solutions that account for the sensitive nature of financial operations; offering industry-leading security, including fully encrypted databases, as well as data tokenization. Our products also offer scalability to account for growth and expansion of our clients’ services.
Transport & Logistics
We optimize logistical efficiency, planning, payments, shipping and delivery. We facilitate real time tracking and inventory management, enhance warehousing facilities, and we document and analyze inventory management performance. Our solutions also integrate with existing warehouse management, enterprise resource planning and other systems employed by our clients.
Our Software Services

With over a decade of experience within the technology sector, we utilize that expertise to consistently provide our clients with the best services and solutions to achieve their goals.

Staff Augmentation

Offers our clients the ability to maintain control of their projects while outsourcing specific tasks and functions to a temporary team of our talented developers.  Our team consistently add value to the in-house developer team and support our Managed Service engagements.

CRM Integrations

Our CRM integration software ensures that each application within your CRM platform is connected, and that data will flow to, from or between them. Ensuring our clients receive the most accurate data from their organization’s software to give them a complete picture of their business and customers.

Native App Development

Our specialized team of developers can create cross-functional, adaptive yet platform specific apps which meet the needs of our clients. With this versatile team our mobile app development is as robust and in demand as any of our other service offerings.

Web & Mobile Development

Our talented team of developers are the backbone of the software unit. Building and creating intuitive, scalable apps and software for our clients which enable them to respond to the needs of their customers in real time. Providing them with essential points of contact and avenues for engagement.

Software Maintenance

This after sales service feature is one of our hallmarks, and sees our team performing modifications of the client’s software products after delivery to correct faults and improve performance.  It is a value added benefit to both us and our clients.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Our QA team performs comprehensive reviews of our client’s software design or apps. From usability and user experience (UX) to the user interface (UI), evaluating the functional nature, performance usability and security of the client’s software or app.

IT Project Management

We recognize that the reach of IT spans across most businesses or enterprises and the scope of the projects to implement and/or improve this capability may be large and complex. Our Project Managers are there to organize, manage the plan, and maintain accountability to ensure our clients achieve their information technology goals.

Enterprise Development

Our Enterprise Development Solutions allow our clients to skillfully compete in an everchanging global economy. We have invested both time and knowledge in developing solutions that will enable our clients to attract investment, build business linkages and create more jobs, all while helping them successfully navigate each stage of their business’ development.

Business Analysis

The role of the Business Analyst in the Software Development life cycle is critical and ours are the best in the business. They recognize that their primary role is to act as an intermediary between the client’s business and the SMS development team. Their active participation is integral during product development especially as our projects are developed according to Agile principles.

Our work speaks for itself

Regardless of what software solutions you need, we can provide them. If you still need convincing, look at what we've accomplished for our clients.

Transport Authority
CMS & CRM Website

We created the new face of the Transport Authority of Jamaica, completely redesigning their website and providing a CRM backend for ease of management. Their customers can get online and renew licenses or find pertinent info much easier.

View Solution Here
The Suites
Appointment Management

Suites is an Appointment Management System with Cost Tracking and Reporting features serving surgical theatres.

Smart Send
Communication Platform

SmartSend is a bulk messaging service which enables companies to send notifications, alerts, reminders and confirmations via text messages. Our product can be used for marketing a promotion or event, boosting sales, providing security warnings or just general communication with your client base to boost customer service.

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