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We offer cutting-edge products, services, and IT solutions to meet and exceed your business needs; we not only supply technology for your business, but also provide the service, insight and after sales support to maximize our clients’ success.

Our Business Offerings
Custom Solutions

We revolutionize your customers experience with intuitive Website and Mobile App development. We develop and integrate e-commerce websites and provide customized Apps that offer Workflow Solutions, Signature Capture Solutions, POS Solutions, Loyalty Programs and Tracking Platforms.

Device Acquisition

We provide superb quality products at an affordable price.

Device Management

We utilize Knox, a defense-grade security layer built into Samsung mobile devices, to enhance corporate data security and simplify device management.

Our Business Offerings
Device Financing

Purchase devices for your business with up to 100% financing and 24 months to repay.

Device Protection

Insurance coverage to protect your investment against damage.

Bundle Deals

Combine our web & mobile solutions for maximum benefits. Get Devices, Device Financing, Device Protection & Maintenance and Device Management all at a great deal.

other service Offerings

At SMS, we work with our clients to increase their productivity and efficiency by leveraging the power of technology and innovation to meet their business needs.

Managed Services

We offer Device Management and day to day technology management services to our clients in order to improve their operations, efficiency and reduce their budgetary expenditures.

Digital Onboarding Solutions

Digitize and streamline your customer experience with our onboarding solutions that foster intelligent capture, self-serve features, real-time scanning and integrates with preferred CRM.

CRM Management & Customisation

We customise your customer-facing interfaces. We can integrate CRM with core system softwares and SharePoint as well as tailor the system and settings for your unique needs.

Enterprise Solutions

We design solutions to integrate multiple facets of your company's business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases.

Bulk Messaging Solutions

Personalise your customer and campaign messages with this solution. Enjoy the versatility of scheduled and instant messages as the needs arise both locally and internationally.

Digital Process Management

Ensure end to end coordination and operations of your systems through our maintenance and support. Our solutions include hosting and maintenance and the full spectrum of information systems to include customisation, design, development and deployment.

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